Curriculum Vitae

Link to CV (ATMoody_March2018_complete) as of March 2018


Post-doctoral Research Associate (September 2014–present)
Center for Limnology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

  • Evaluating spatial patterns in aquatic barrier removal using ArcGIS and R to determine rules of thumb for removal that extend beyond the Great Lakes basin
  •  Working with colleagues on FishWerks, a decision support tool for optimized barrier removal across the Great Lakes basin including leading the review of the website by stakeholders
  • Contributed to aquatic barriers database including incorporating new data sources, QA/QC of existing data, and coordinating metadata for recent update

Post-doctoral Research Associate (2012–2014)
Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology, University of Maine, Orono, Maine

  • Created database of over 10,000 reptile and amphibian occurrence data points from 13 states
  • Modelled species distributions for over 70 reptiles and amphibians using ArcGIS and Maxent, and informed by elicited expert knowledge
  • Supervised undergraduate honors project on amphibian range shifts due to climate change


Ph.D. Wildlife Sciences (2012)
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University
Supervisor: Dr. Barry Grand, USGS Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Dissertation: Designing landscapes for sustainable bird populations in the southeastern United States

  • Determined areas of high conservation priority for multiple habitats and species using ArcGIS and Matlab
  • Used expert knowledge to select focal species for conservation planning
  • Modeled changes to conservation priorities due to projected climate change and urbanization

M.Sc. Biology (2007)
Department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan
Supervisor: Dr. Keith Hobson, Western University (previously Environment Canada)
B.Sc. (Honours) Biology  (2001)
Department of Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland


GIS: ArcGIS 10, 9, QGIS
Statistics: R, Matlab, SPSS, MARK, WinBugs
Graphics: SigmaPlot
Other: Word, Excel, Access, Linux, LaTeX


Research Technician (2005–2007)
University of California–Berkeley, Berkeley, California

  • Ran stable isotope laboratory including sample collection from natural history museums, sample preparation, and analysis of results
  • Supervised undergraduate research assistant

Contracted Researcher (2005)
Canadian Wildlife Service, Redberry Lake, Saskatchewan

  • Organized and conducted summer field research for long-term White-winged Scoter study
  • Conducted boat-based surveys for scoters and other aquatic birds; monitored nests and banded scoter chicks
  • Responsible for hiring and supervising technician

Contracted Researcher (2001)
Canadian Wildlife Service, Prince Leopold Island, Nunavut

  • Conducted field research for long-term seabird study at remote Arctic field site
  • Assisted with preparing for field season
  • Worked with team to collect observations and blood samples from seabirds